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Hopefully you can find answers to your queries in here..


How do I save the game?

The game is auto saved continually.

Where can I find mining robots?

Mining robots are randomly listed in the Contract boards of each Space Station (SS). Contracts change at 0, 15, and 45 minutes of every hour. If you do not find any at first, check back at contract change time. You will often find them. They are also listed on the Galactic Market(GM) by players often. Checking the GM may prove fruitful too as could searching the Stock Market (SM).

What is the best way to make credits at first?

Trading. Buying goods at space stations and selling at other space stations for profit, A good 2 to 3 hours of this will get enough credits to get the next class ship for double the capacity. Passengers. Picking up passengers and taking them to another system will get a few coin on the side. check your map and take the short runs for best pay. Delivering Packages. Always grab any package that needs delivering. They take up zero cargo space so there's no rush to get to the destinations. Planetary Production. The Ceres deed obtained from Susan Steele will allow you to build a grain farm on Ceres. 8000 grain a day is not an unreasonable expectation. Asteroid mining. Mining asteroids is a nice way to get rare minerals that sell for high prices, the problem can be getting sales for said rare minerals, you have to run around a bit looking. Gas Mining. Mining the gas giants for rare gases to sell on the galactic market. Collection quantities may not be high unless you get a bigger ram scoop. Again, getting the sales may take a bit of running around. Pirate hunting. Janus A has a guardian you click on to get contracts to hunt the pirate baddies for rewards. Upgraded Rank will get harder contracts with greater rewards. Space Station production. Costly to set up, enables manufacturing of robots, Space ship modules and whole space ships.

How do I control the ship?

W = steer down
S = steer up
A = steer left
D = steer right
Q = roll left
E = roll right
Space bar = forward thrusters
Hold Right Mouse Button down and move mouse in direction to turn to use mouse to steer
B / Left mouse button = fire lasers
Left Alt = Turn gravity anchor on/off
1 = First person view
2 = Third person view
mouse wheel = zoom in/out
+- = zoom in and out
H = help menu = above instructions

Some ships have directional thrusters as follows:
n = reverse
k = up
i = down
j = right
l = left

How do I mine asteroids?

First you will need to get close enough, within 5000m, of the asteroid and match its speed, gravity anchor on and thrusters on. Then click and hold left mouse button on the asteroid to fire your Mining Beam. The asteroid will heat up and change color. practice will get the best color of a deep blue. Not enough beaming will not heat it enough and the message will tell you so. Too much and it explodes without getting any minerals. A reported heat of between 2135k and 2245k is the aim for good results. Maximum temperature is 2250k before rock explodes.

How do I mine gas giants for gas?

Gas Giant Skimming You must first find a suitable gas giant for harvesting, Vestra has a nice one for Hydrogen, Ubertus for Oxygen. You basically fly into the gas giant at speed and your gas mining scoop does all the work. If you don't hit the right part of the giants, an impure gas mixture message will come up and you get nothing. If you don't have enough speed a similar message comes up telling you so. Use first Person view (Press 1 key) with Gravity Anchor off (left alt) and Thrusters full on (hold left Shift key and press the Spacebar)start at a distance, usually the Jump Gate you entered the system or near the Star Station.

In Vestra: Line up your cross-hairs with the white band in the middle of the giant. Carefully adjust direction to ensure you hit the whitest part of the giant at maximum speed.

In Ubertus: A little more tricky, but line up your cross-hairs with the medium green band between the two darker green bamds in the top or bottom third of the giant just below the pole. Carefully adjust direction to ensure you hit the correct band of the giant at maximum speed.

How do I use the Mail? I see a button for it.

The Mail currently only delivers messages from stock market transactions. Players cannot send mail to each other at this point.

How do I repair?

Dock at a Space Station(SS) or the Cabal Trading Station or a Starbase (SB) where you have constructed a Shipyard. Once docked you should see a Repair Ship button. You can use the Options screen to set Repair to automatic whenever you dock at a suitable site. Repair at a Star Station costs credits. Repair at one of your Shipyards costs materials (Carbon and Titanium).

I bought a ship/item from the Galactic market, but I can’t find it, where is it?

When you purchase a ship/item from the Galactic Market (GM), the ship/item remains at the Space Station where the Seller posted it. When you click on a ship for example on the Galactic Market a list of information comes up. Line 3 says “Location: SS Example”. After buying the ship/item you will have to go to that location to pick it up. If you did not read where your new ship/item is click on the Character button > Assets > Select Location, and then go through the list until you find it.

How do I get to a Sellers Starbase?

All Seller's Starbases are located in the Apollo System. After you buy something from them, a link to the Seller's Starbase will be made in your Autopilot when you next enter the Apollo system. If you are already in the Apollo system and docked at SS Plato, visiting the Shipyard there will force a refresh of the Autopilot, so that when you leave the entry will be there.

Can you please tell us exactly how mining yields change with mining beam class? And if possible how mining skill interacts with mining beam levels?

Each new asteroid will yield a base amount of material when mined with a Class 1 Mining Beam by a Player with zero Mining Skill. This base amount is divided between the minerals that form the asteroid. So, each mineral has a base amount per asteroid type. Every day, by accretion, the asteroid accumulates an amount of material equal to the base amount. every Class of Mining Beam above 1 adds the base amount to the yield as well: a Class 5 Mining Beam adds four times the base amount to the yield, a Class 12 Mining Beam adds 11 times the base amount. This total amount is modified by a bonus amount derived from the Player's Mining Skill.

Mining Skill Bonus is calculated according to the formula: Mining Skill Bonus = Mining Skill / (Mining Skill + 100)

This a Mining Skill of 5 gives a 5% boost, but a Mining Skill of 50 gives about 33%. A Mining Skill of 100 would give a 50% boost and a Mining Skill of 1000 about a 91% boost. Ergo, diminishing but still significant returns. This same Skill Bonus formula is applied to other things such as gas giant harvesting, trading profits etc.

The Yield of a particular mineral from a particular asteroid type is: Yield = (Asteroid Age in Days + Class of Mining Beam) x Base Amount of Mineral for this Asteroid Type x (Mining Skill Bonus)

How do I land on a Planet?

Presently, only Ceres and Janus A can be landed on of the Inner9 systems. All outer system planets and moons can be landed on. Any planet with a colony can be landed on. Warp to the planet's View Range. Then warp close to the planet's surface by clicking on the planet's name in the Destination Column of the Autopiot. From there use thrusters to fly down and land.

How do I get all of my ships in the same location?

You will have to dock at the location you want to have all of your ships located. Then buy a low cost ship from the local ship yard. Get in the new ship and fly to the space station where the ship you want to pick up is located. Get in the ship you want to move, and either leave the ship you just arrived in, or sell it on the Galactic Market. Then fly back to where you want your ships biased at and repeat this process, until you have collected all of your ships to one place.

How do I tell what blueprints I have?

If you have a space station and a Research Lab built, you can click on the Research button and hit the "select research target" button. This will Give you a list of all of your Blueprints. There is a research button at all outer colonies as well whether or not there is a research complex built there. When viewing the contract board, Blueprints that you already own will be denoted by a red Asterisk *

How do I cancel a Contract?

First dock at a NPC space station. Expand the Contracts window select the contract to be cancelled and click and hold, briefly, the left mouse button to cancel There is a penalty fee to pay and the contract will be cancelled.

How can I optimize cargo space

Waervyn's Optimizing Cargo Space Video

What is the RED ZONE?

Future PvP zone. Currently it is safe, since PvP is not available.

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